What does it mean that the artist retains copyright and licensing privileges to the artwork?

While you own the physical object of the artwork, the artist owns the idea and the visual content of the work. You do not have the licensing privilege to create copies of the artwork, reproduce it in any way, use the artwork for marketing or license the artwork out to any company, individual, business or entity otherwise not listed.

What is P&O’s return policy?

If a return is requested, the client is responsible for paying to ship the artwork/s back to P&O at their cost. Upon the return of the work, the condition of the work will be assessed. If the work is undamaged, a refund of the cost of the work will be submitted to the client, if the work was damaged, the refund total will be modified to accommodate the damage.

What is P&O’s resale policy?

After acquisition, if you seek resale, Print and Object has first right of refusal to acquire the work (this means you come to us first before going anywhere else to resell the work).

Does P&O frame my print?

The artwork is sold as is; framing, storage, shipping, and other costs of ownership are not covered by P&O.

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